Wednesday, May 2, 2012

14 July 1943

Last night I dreamed I walked along the sand
Beneath a rocky mountain peak that towered
So high above as if it would command
All life, and yet beneath the sky, it cowered

I spied a path and stumbled up a hill
That quickly merged, in one quite seamless leap
Into the mountain’s jaggered frame, until
I faltered, as the way became too steep

Then soon the path began to disappear
And in its place was barely room enough
For me to cling against the stone-faced sheer,
I climbed on as the way became too rough

For how I fought to make it up the wall,
As Thought, with black intent, upon me crept
You know, you could, from this height, end it all…
How I suffered! How I prayed! How I wept!

And so I woke to find it but a dream
Although, not quite. Atop the mountain peak
I felt I’d seen a man of lowly mien
With sun-scarred skin and tattered clothes and meek

The look within his eyes, that spilled the cry
Of his own mountain hell. For through my tears
I saw upon his back he held the sky
I lay there in the dark beneath my fears.

Copyright © 2012 by Layne Cockcroft
All Rights Reserved

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